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The Chiltern Centre is a registered charity for disabled people.

reptile fun 2017We provide a broad range of services to parents and professionals involved in the care and provision of services to children with disabilities. Our years of experience and expertise provide unparalleled levels of service which have been widely acknowledged through Ofsted. We have been awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of our tireless pursuit of excellence in care. We work with parents of children that have a wide spectrum of disabilities; from cerebral palsy to autistic spectrum disorder. We provide a caring and nurturing environment to help children with complex health needs.

Our services though are not limited to the care of disabled children, we are there to help parents and provide guidance, support, and advice to help parents at every stage. Respite care, otherwise known as short break care, is a key part of our services that can provide support for parents. Our respite care in Oxfordshire is second to none and is a regular service used by many families that we help.

Respite care in Oxfordshire is a short-term, temporary relief to families who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home. Our respite care in Oxfordshire is provided in a caring and nurturing environment. We recognise that by caring for a child with a disability is something that never ends. It can mean being there 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Often families who care for children with a complex medical need or a profound learning or physical disability really need a break. This is where our respite care in Oxfordshire services give them a chance to do something that the rest of us often take for granted.

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